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EBI provides innovative solutions to maximize value and reduce human error. Find out how we leverage technology to streamline client interactions and keep you on the pulse of your project.

Your world is moving faster. You need collaborators who move at the speed of your business. With EBI’s technological platforms, you can move faster with the same quality insights you’ve come to depend on.

EBI Consulting continues to develop creative technology solutions to make your world simpler. Learn more about how EBI can help your business move forward.


Today it takes me two steps to make routine orders: initiate with EBI and then enter it into my own system.

With EBI Direct, orders can be submitted right from my desktop, mobile, or internal procurement system.


I have to request invoices from EBI, or wait for them to arrive via email or mail.

EBI Direct can automate the patment process by transmitting invoices or triggering the accounts payable process according to your security needs.

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