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It’s all too common to spend the first year occupying a building troubleshooting the various issues that arise, wasting time, energy, and money. Commissioning (Cx) can ensure a well-delivered building with lower operational and maintenance costs from day one.
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Commissioning Services

Commissioning ensures an entire building is designed, constructed, and calibrated to operate as intended. Commissioning Agents (CxA) should be an independent third party—not associated with the design team—in order to provide an objective review of the design. EBI’s highly qualified Energy and Sustainability professionals serve as our clients’ independent CxA, assisting from the design phase through construction and completion to ensure project goals are met, whether to improve functionality, energy performance, maintainability, sustainability, system cost, indoor environmental quality, or local environmental impacts.

Let our experts spare you headaches and ensure your building is fully operational from day one.

Our Commissioning Services provide the following custom scope:

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