EBI Consulting is pleased to announce a successful third year of donations through its annual EBI Cares program, totaling nearly $17,000!

The EBI Cares initiative was launched in December 2020 to help make a positive impact in our employees' local communities. Every participating employee receives a $100 gift card to donate to a person, charity or cause of their choice, with donations due by December 31. Donations could be made to local nurses and first responders, local schools, nonprofits they volunteer for or support, used to buy holiday gifts for giving programs, and more -- the only rule is to pay it forward. 

In December 2022, 163 employees participated in the program, distributing over $16,000 to organizations across the U.S., including: Rosie's Place, Goochland Woodchuckers, Alzheimer's Association, The Autism Project, Rochester School for the Deaf, The Greater Boston Food Bank, and more.

EBI Cares has resulted in about $50,000 in donations by employees since the program's launch.

We appreciate our employees' dedication to making a difference in their local communities and are proud to support causes that are important to them each holiday season. In honor of those contributions, please enjoy the slideshow of the EBI Cares 2022 donations below.

EBI Cares 2022