Q+A With an EBI Expert


Exclusive interview with one of our EBI Experts - Karla King, Director of Environmental Health & Safety. 

At EBI Consulting, we are proud of our talented, dependable, and hard-working team members. Each and every member of our community brings something to the table through their own personal experiences and talents. Today we had the chance to talk to our EBI Expert of the Month, Karla King. Karla is the Director of Environmental Health and Safety. Read more about Karla’s experience at EBI:

Q.) How long have you been at EBI Consulting?

A.)  I’ve been at EBI Consulting for almost 3 years.


Q.) What is your title/position?

A.)  I am the Director of Environmental Health & Safety at EBI Consulting.


Q.) What interested you about this field? 

A.)  What interested me most about this field was the Environmental Compliance. I’ve always felt strongly about the environment and the importance of taking care of it. I wanted to save the planet.


Q.) Can you give me a description of what you do? 

A.)  I oversee our Environmental Health & Safety services team for all clients, which means we work with our clients to assist them with compliance of environmental regulations as well as health and safety of their employees. We work with a wide range of clients including pharmaceutical, universities, industrial/manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, and even real estate. 


Q.) What is a typical work day like for you?

A.)  Lots of emails and phone calls with the EHS staff, clients, and other technical leads in the organization.  I make at least 1 phone call a day to Jeff Smith with questions on how to improve EHS operations or how to utilize existing TEL staff to support some new EHS projects. I work closely with the TEL sales team to expand our EHS services to existing TEL clients. I am regularly pulling together proposals for all clients, and also setting up meetings for new traditional clients. I am working closely with marketing to better understand the market and working on campaigns to grow the EHS services! In my spare time, I assist the TEL team with legal review of contracts. 


Q.) What do you find most enjoyable about your job? 

A.)  I’d definitely have to say the mix of operations, sales, client management, and legal review that I get to work with on a daily or weekly basis. It makes each day interesting because it’s not always the same repetitive work.


Q.) What is your favorite thing about EBI? 

A.)  My favorite thing about EBI Consulting is the great potential for the EHS team to grow, my hard-working team, and being in an entrepreneurial environment where we are regularly thinking out of the box of better ways to do things.


Q.) What is your most memorable accomplishment at EBI?

A.)  I’d have to say my most memorable accomplishment at EBI Consulting this far is having the opportunity to lead the EHS team and becoming part of the Telecom team.


Q.) What interests or hobbies do you have outside of your career?  

A.)  Chasing my 15-month old son around is my primary activity but I do enjoy running, biking, photography, and generally outdoor sports/activities.


Q.) What is your favorite genre of music? 

A.)  Depends on my mood.  Everything from classical/cello music while thinking to more upbeat music when needing to rock out.


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