Paul Roberts, Director of Architecture and Engineering, and Kevin Sanders, Director of Civil Engineering, collaborated with Bisnow to discuss trends they’re seeing while working with quick-service restaurants (QSRs) -- including an increased focus on takeout, delivery and contact-free options.

Even as pandemic-related restrictions have lifted, Sanders noted that many customers still gravitate towards drive-thru and take-out over in-person dining, with Roberts adding that many restaurants have embraced new technologies and systems to allow online orders and minimize the time spent in an establishment. Roberts also noted that restaurants have made physical changes to meet this demand, such as increasing the size of kitchens and adding additional drive-thru windows.

EBI Consulting been helping clients to pivot to meet these new demands as quickly and efficiently as possible while meeting brand strategy throughout the process, which has included developing touch-free processes and social distancing, different and innovative drive-thru configurations, and other architectural and engineering redesigns and renovations across portfolios.

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