The EBI Cares initiative was first launched in December 2020 to encourage giving and engagement in employees’ local communities over the holiday season. Each participating employee was gifted a $100 gift card to give to a deserving individual or organization in their community.

The only rule? Pay it forward to support a cause that’s important to you.

The inaugural 2020 EBI Cares initiative included 163 participants across the U.S. distributing over $16,000 in their communities. Following that success, the initiative was continued again in 2021.

With even more participants this year, nearly $18,000 in gift cards were donated to meaningful causes. This included giving to local nurses and health care workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, animal shelters, families in need through local gift-giving programs, and more.

Through this initiative, EBI hopes to spread as much good as possible to far-reaching corners of our communities and make a positive impact on those challenged by COVID-19, especially during the holiday season. We look forward to continuing this initiative in the years to come!

A warm thank you to all our employees for joining us in making a difference. We’d like to honor many of those employees in the slideshow below.

EBI Cares 2021